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 Drive-by Downloader v1.0

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Drive-by Downloader v1.0 Empty
PostSubject: Drive-by Downloader v1.0   Drive-by Downloader v1.0 EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 7:28 pm


JAVA is a very powerful language, smart enough to get complete control on your systems.In our daily life we come across many Applications (.exe) also referred as executable files.We all know that executable files can access our computer completely and that is why many viruses are in form of executable files (.exe).

Executable files are also detectable by anti-viruses.And that is the reason the are also considered suspicious unless they are provided by trusted company.

JAVA is a unique language, it can perform all the tasks which are performed by executable files with much less suspicion.Applications/Mal-wares made in JAVA are mostly undetectable.

It was a brief introduction of JAVA and its power.Now lets move on to our product.

Drive-by Downloader

Lets say you have a virus/Trojan etc and you want to send it to your victim.Now first thing that comes to our mind is, that the victim should not consider your virus suspicious so that it could reach your victims computer.
There are many methods of transferring that virus etc to your victims computer i.e (emails etc).

One of most effective and snazzy method is "Drive-by Download"
Thinking what is that? Well drive by download is a technique of downloading file(s) on any system without the users knowledge.
They are mostly handled by JAVA & Javascripts.

Basically a downloader is programed in JAVA which can download a specific file from server to the victim's computer and is saved as applet.
As soon as the victim visits the page containing the applet, A box pop ups saying if the user wants to run the applet.This warning box is very common and we come across many of these kinds of warning boxes whenever we play an online game or use facebook photo uploader.Thus 85% of users just click "Run".

As soon as the application "Runs" the Applet downloads the file too the victim's computer and executes it.
That's what called drive by download.

Here is our product.

Drive-by Downloader v1.0 By Securedubai.tk

Its a drive by downloader with following capabilities.

1- Default download 1 (can be programmed to download more than 1).
2-Default download location c:/WINDOWS/system32 (can be programmed to download anywhere).
3-Complete Access to system variables.
6-Direct execution after download.
7-Works on windows (XP/VISTA/7)
And much more


Java runtime enviroment 1.6.
Static hotlink to the file to be downloaded.


This version is completely static.Download location, download links, file names once
programmed and compiled cannot be changed without decompilation.

Available in form of:

Java applet (13$).
Java Application (10$).

Source codes:

Java applet (15$).
Java Application (13$).

Place your order now for your custom-built downloader.
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Drive-by Downloader v1.0
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