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 WEP/WPA Key Generator

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WEP/WPA Key Generator Empty
PostSubject: WEP/WPA Key Generator   WEP/WPA Key Generator EmptySun May 10, 2009 5:31 pm

This software has been written by Soroban Systems Ltd to assist in
securing small private wireless networks using a pre-shared key. The
program may be freely distributed. Soroban Systems and John
Steele retain the copyright to the program.

Wireless networks need to be secured. If you use the default
settings "out of the box" then home networks are accessible to
neighbours but office systems are potentially open to competitors.

The advice generally given is to make some basic changes to the default configuration to improve security. Such advice includes:

  • Hide the SSID (Service Set Identifier) broadcast from the Access point to distinguish your network from any other
  • This could be done after you have set up your network in the first place, especially for a home user.
  • Turn on whatever encryption your wireless device
    supports. If a good choice on encryption key is made then this is your
    main line of defence. For basic networks the choice is
    (depending on your Wireless equipment)
  • WEP 40 bit (sometimes called 64 bit)
  • WEP 104 bit (sometimes called 128 bit)
  • WPA 256 bit Pre-shared Key
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WEP/WPA Key Generator
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